Monday, August 13, 2012

A Dark Gradient

Bleah, Mondays, am I right? Not so much for me, since my work week is seven days a week, but for many folks Monday is a bit on the blah side. So I thought I'd share one way I can use my nails to cheer up my days. I went with a very dark base, and then turned it into a gradient manicure. Let's bop on in to take a look at what I've done.

The base here is Orly Le Chateau. This is a very dark blue that leans green, and looks black most of the time. At least that's my interpretation of it. I could be wrong and such. 

One coat shows you how it looks fairly blue (it doesn't look quite this green IRL, I blame the lighting in my house). Excuse the messy cuticles etc, I don't do my cleanup right away and just snapped a few pics. 

Still, with one thin coat, it already does look pretty decent, just a little bit patchy. You might be able to get by with one coat if you use a really thick one. I just try not to do that.

Two coats, on the other hand, come out looking fantastic. It levels out nicely, and the color fully covers the nail. I loved the formula on this one. 

Like, I said, this looks black in almost all lights. Of course, I love me some really dark manis, so that's not a problem for me. But, it can be on the dreary side, so let's see if we can cheer things up!

This is what happens when I grab some glitter, and sponge it on to make a gradient. 

I'm always cheered up quite a bit by glitter, so of course this would make me happier. Not that I was sad really, but hey, I'm going with a theme here or something like that. 

Let's just take a few minutes to bask in the glory of this mani. I'll shut up.

What do you think, does this cheer you up? Or is that just me?  Either way, I hope you liked this mani, because I surely did.