Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Like my little sneeze there? Yeah, I'm so funny. It's okay though, looks aren't everything. Anyway, that was my own silly way of introducing today's polish. This is one from The Hungry Asian, and it's called Sneeze Breeze. I happen to think it's fantastic and gorgeous and that I should have a gallon of it. Let's see why.
This is it, the object of my affections, at least for the time it's on my nails. Haha. Really though, isn't it wonderful?

This is such a great color, and the black glitter adds so much to the depth of it. Check out the pics close up to see it even better. 

This looks like it would be horribly gritty, and it is a little before top coat, but it smooths out nicely, especially for how much glitter is packed into it. And yes, it does suck a bit of top coat as well, but not so much as to be crazy. 

I'm adoring this color so much, and there's no way this one is leaving my collection. 

I'm running out of words to describe this one, other than to gush about how much I love it over and over. Why don't I shut up so you can just look at it? Don't forget you can click each picture to see them larger.  

Ahhhh, that's just so gorgeous. I definitely need to buy more of her polishes. And that's the end of today's post.