Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Swatches - Milani

Today I'm here to share some swatches of Milani polishes that came out early this year. Like I said yesterday, I've missed out on a lot of collections, but it's just the way things go, and I can play with my polish collection. So let's take a peek at these colors.

*Editing to add: This is my 500th post on this blog! That's pretty amazing to me.

Milani came out with these earlier this year, and I nabbed the collection while I could. As I usually do, I went with one coat on the pinkie, two on the ring finger, three on the middle finger, and four on the index. There's no base or top coat in these pictures. I used very thin coats.

The first swatch is Beach Front, a lovely blue. 

Though a little patchy at one coat, two is pretty decent, and three is fantastic. 

This color is one of my favorites to use on my toes, and I can see that it would make a great base for nail art as well. 

The shimmer in it is fairly subtle, but not hidden. 

This may be my favorite color in the collection.

The next swatch is Mint Candy, which is a lovely light green. 

There;s a little bit of shimmer in this one as well. 

It's a pretty color, but a little duskier than I like when it comes to light green.

It leans blue, as you can see here. 

Like Beach Front, it's best at three coats, or maybe two thick coats. 

The next color is Orchidia. 

This one too is best at three thin or two thick coats. 

It's got the same basic shimmer as the first two. 

This is a really pretty purple, but not anything new and unusual. 

This one also leans on the blue side. 

This is probably my second favorite of the collection, a lovely darker blue with shimmer. 

This one is easily good enough with two coats. The formula is great. 

There's something about a great blue that just makes me happy. 

This is a smooth polish that flows on very nicely. 

This picture shows the shimmer the best of all. Gorgeous.

The following is Silver Stilettos, a beautiful silver polish. 

Much like all the others, you can probably get by with two coats on this one. 

This would be great to use for Konad stamping. 

It's certainly not a new color, and I have several silvers much like it. Which is okay, because I really do like silver. 

I would also totally wear shoes in this color. Hee.

Tip Toe Pink is the last color I have to show you today. It's a medium bubble gum pink cream. 

Three thin or two thick coats would be fine on the one as well. 

This doesn't have shimmer in it, and it's super shiny. 

It's not an unusual or unique color, but it certainly is pretty. 

I could see this as being a great color on toes as well.

That's is for this edition of Sunday Swatches. Hopefully I'll be able to make this a regular feature, and show you some pretty polishes every week so you can see how they look. I'm going to get out of here, and go train the dogs for a while. I have plenty to teach them if I want them to be good goggies. Hee.

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