Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh Look, Wednesday!

Now that I'm getting back to posting, I certainly want to start back with this feature... On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Today's color is from Sally Hansen's Salon line, and it's not really as pink as it probably should be. Haha. But with a name like Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang!, it should be pink, right? At least I think so. Go ahead and look, and you can decide for yourself.

This looks really purple to me. I suppose the lighting could be part of it, but who knows. 

It is a gorgeous color, and I'm not sad to have it in my collection.

This totally looks good when my nails are a little longer. Of course, I can't keep them too long all of the time, I tend to be really hard on my nails.

The shine in this is fantastic. 

This is where I can claim I actually have pink on my nails, since I used the SH Pink Chrome pen to do the konad. 

I love the way the delicate flowers look in this case. 

This picture really shows off the delicateness of the mani. Is delicateness a word? Well, I think it is, or at least that it should be. 

I love how shiny and bright this looks. 

Even in dimmer light, it just shines like crazy. 

So, that's it for this week's edition. Tell me what you thin, is Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang pink or not?