Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beautiful Barielles

So today I have three Barielle polishes to share with you. Do Unto Others, Soul-er Powered, and Positive ZEN-energy, which are three very nice colors. I'm not going to be too chatty, this is a busy weekend and all, as I've said before. Maybe I'll give you a good recap in the next couple days, if I'm not too wiped out from all the fun. Hee! So let's take a peek at these lovelies!

This is Do Unto Others. It's a great aqua blue-green. 

The ridginess is my nails, not the polish.  Without top coat, this was a bit rough looking.

The polish was pretty nice. I was just tired and trying to hurry. 

SV helped smooth it out pretty well, which I find happens often.

I do think this is a cheery happy color. 

I love how this angle lets my nails look really long. 

I wish all my nails looked like my ring finger nail does here. And my pinkie.  

My middle finger grows a bit odd, and my index is kinda curved in too. 

I just kinda shrug and stop worrying about my nails, as long as they look fairly even.

This next polish is my favorite color! LELLOW!! 

Soul-er Powered is a great shade of yellow, not quite pastel, and not neon.  

It's got some shimmer in it, but it's pretty subtle. 

I threw some random glitter on my accent nail, which didn't show up super well, but I liked it anyway. Hey, it's yellow, there's glitter, I'm a happy camper! 

Yellow polish just makes me happy in the pants.  

This would probably look pretty cool with some flakies over it.  

I smile every time I look at my nails when I wear yellow. 

Funny how the glitter looks better in dimmer light. 

I just want to bask in the beauty of it. 

This awesome green shimmer is Positive ZEN-ergy.  

I'm positive it's a gorgeous color. 

The polish flowed smoothly, and looked fantastic. 

I've got nothing bad to say about this color.  

I love how it looks in every light.  

The shimmer just adds to the charm.  

I love how shiny SV makes my manis look.  

The shimmer just POPS in lower light. 

As you can see, there is a tiny hint of VNL with this, but you'll never notice it unless you're looking for it. 

So, what do you think of these three polishes? Which do you like best? You know I'm gonna choose Soul-er Powered, because it's yellow. Hee!

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