Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Swatches

I've got some swatches for you, but I'm going to hurry through this, as it's pretty nice, and I want to get the dogs out a bunch today and run their tails off. The more tired I make them, the better. And I think we might try to go fishing too. Anyway, I've got a Borghese polish and some Icings to show you today. Let's get to it!
The first polish I swatched was this sheer from Borghese called Patina Pearl. I found it on sale for 99 cents, so I figured it was worth it. 

For me, this is really a layering polish. For somebody else, it might be the perfect color to accent nails without being wild or bright.  

It is a bit duochrome, from green to purple, depending on the light.  

I don't much care for it alone, but this is certainly one to put over other colors. 

Here it is over black. You can see the purple and the green, depending on how the light is reflected. 

Now we get to the Icings I picked up. Most of these are fantastic glitters. We'll start with Disco Ball. 

As you can see, it's a multi-sized blue glitter in a clear base.  

Even at four coats, it doesn't really give full coverage, although if you worked at it, you could probably get it there.  

The polish is thick, and  you will have to work with it, but I've definitely worked with worse.

I like these kinds of polishes though, so I'm willing to play with them more than some might be. 

Evergreen is the next one I swatched. I love it over black. 

This one is fairly sheer at first, but with four thin coats builds up to a GORGEOUS green. 

It's not as in your face as some glitters, but the small glitter bits really pop when you get this opaque. 

I bet you could do a fun sandwich with this.

This could be a favorite in a hurry. 

The next one up is Pop A Bottle. 

This gold glitter with multiple other colors (mainly purple I think) is just stunning. 

I love that it's pretty much full coverage at two to three coats, but that it looks even more fantastic at four. 

I think there might be some hints of green or blue in there too, but the gold and purple stand out the most. 

I want to try this one over various colors to see what happens. 

There was no way I was going to pass up a polish called Witch's Brew. 

This is basically black with green glitter in it, and I love it. 

It takes three thin coats to cover fully, but you could probably get by with two thicker ones. 

This one probably would only look good over black, other colors would get murked up by it. 

The microglitter is pretty nice in this one. 

The last polish is very similar to Disco Ball, only in green,. Wear While (that's a different name) is all different green glitters. 

It also doesn't cover fully, although it could if you worked at it. 

I think it's great for layering. 

This would also make a fun gradient. 

It's a pretty nice green.  

And there you have it, some fantastic glitters and a sheer polish to enjoy. Which one is your favorite? 

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