Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cool Color, Bro

Although it's not fall yet, I do have some autumn type polishes, and I wear them when I want. I'm not one to follow the seasons when it comes to my nail polish. You're as likely to find me wearing neons in January and spring colors in October as any other time. I'd say I march to the beat of my own drums, but I am very much not musically inclined. My brother and son got all the musical talent in the family. Anyway, today I'm sharing a very autumn-like mani with you. Let's see what it is!

Today's mani is a base of Revlon Ignite, a lovely copper color, and Jordana Copper Blaze on the accent nails. It reminds me of the leaves turning and falling from the trees, forming a lovely blanket of russets and browns and yellows on the lawn.

That time of year is also when I start to think about things like carving pumpkins for Halloween, and sitting around drinking mulled apple cider.

I like the way this combination turned out. The glitter in the Jordana goes on nicely (that's two coats). 

As I'm sitting here typing this, Krissie just fell off the end of the bed when she rolled over to get more comfortable. Poor baby puppy. I can't help but laugh at her though, the surprised look on her face as she slid off was priceless. She's fine, and back up here - laying farther away from the edge now. 

Anyhow, back to the polish, right? I really do like this combo. 

What do you think, is this something you'd wear anytime, or would you reserve it for autumn?

Coming up tomorrow is another Friday Flashback, where I'll show you a polish I wore a few years ago. 

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