Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Swatches

Okay, I managed to snag the whole Revlon Scented collection, and I want to share swatches of them. I'm going to split this into two parts, so the rest of them will be featured here next Sunday. Let's take a peek at the ones I'm sharing today.

First up is Apple-tini Fizz. I'm loving the green glitter in this one.

As you can see, it's great for layering. It's not something I'm likely to wear alone though, because even with four coats, I've got lots of VNL.

If I could get this to bottle color in less than six coats, I'd probably wear it on it's own. 

The sparkle is fantastic. 

Even in low light, they are glittery and gorgeous.

Next up is Colada Fizz. I think they are all called 'Something' Fizz. Hee. 

This is way more sheer, and I don't think I could build it up to hide VNL no matter how many coats I use. 

This one doesn't sparkle quite as much as the last either.

It's definitely one I'd only use for layering.

There's a better view of the glitter in it when you get to lower lighting.

Now we have Grapefruit Fizz.

This is peeeeeenk. Also, it was really runny, as you can probably see. 

Again, with maybe six coats, you might be able to get it opaque. 

I'm pretty willing to do extra coats, but not all that often. However, I bet this would look fantastic over a hot pink.

This one is slightly less poptastic in the dimmer lighting. 

Today's last polish is Grape Fizz. 

This purple is finally one that I could see wearing alone. 

Sure, I'd probably need five coats, but it's so darn pretty. 

Sorry about the cuticle pooling there. 

So yeah, this is the most opaque so far. I dunno what my favorite one is. 

Okay, as I said, next week I'll have the other half of this collection to share with you. Editing takes me a long time, especially since I have so much "help" from the cats etc. Speaking of them, I'd better get their boxes scooped, and do some nail trims. Wish me luck!

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