Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Marbling

Whoa, I think I've lost my marbles! Oh wait, there they are. Let's look, shall we?

Sometimes I don't want to do any particular mani, so I just experiment with different things. Here's what happens when I start playing with greens and marbling.

On the pinky, we have NYC High Line Green marbled with my old standby, WNW white. It did pretty well, even though it's a bit shaky.

Then for my ring finger, I went with Confetti Green With Envy, marbled with the classic WNW black. I actually quite like the way the green made the black scatter, although I probably couldn't repeat that if I tried. 

My short little middle finger has Sinful's Irish Green marbled with the WNW white. This one turned out pretty nicely in my opinion. 

The messy marble on my index finger is WNW white with Fetish Alien. I don't think that one is very great for marbling with. 

Finally, on my thumb, I chose to marble the WNW black with Sinful Olympia. I think this is my second favorite, after the ring finger. 

So, what do you think? Do any of these stand out to you as a really great marble? Tomorrow I'm going to be joining in the Polish Days Event #PolishGeometry. I'm so excited!

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