Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Partly Pink

We all know what day it is, so I probably don't need to tell you that On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. But, in case you've forgotten, feel free to click the graphic and go find out about it. Then you can check out all the folks who get involved - if you like pink, then this is your chance to see all sorts of it!
So why did I title this 'Partly Pink'? Well, it's another splatter mani, so it's only got a little pink in it, but I'm counting it anyway. Mostly because I don't happen to have worn just pink recently. I have SO many colors I love, and pink sometimes get forgotten about a little bit. Anyway, let's get to the pictures and go from there.

This mani was done with all of the colors in an LE set of WNW polishes based on Saved By The Bell. I used the yellow as the base, and then splattered all the other colors over that.

This is three coats of the yellow, and it's absolutely fantastic!

I could easily have worn this on its own, because it's just the kind of super bright yellow that I love love LOVE

In case you're new, or have somehow forgotten (since I don't mention it every other post or so) yellow is my very favorite nail polish color.

So than you add splatters, and it makes it pretty interesting to me.

I think I got more orange than any other color in this one. Although the purple comes in pretty well too.

If you haven't figured out some way to do easy clean-up on these, I'll be glad to share my tips.

My favorite trick for these is to use liquid latex all around my nails on the skin, then peel it off when I'm done, which leaves only a teeny bit along the cuticles to clean up. If I thought anybody would want to see it, I'd probably write up a tutorial on it, but there are a lot of other folks who probably have better ideas.

Is this a type of mani you'd like to do?

Well, that's another day of pictures done, and we're another day closer to winter. I'm not one to do "winter" or "summer" colors, I like to use whatever I feel like. But I'll probably sneak in a few autumn type colors before long. 

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