Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Swatches (Quick and Dirty Style)

So I haven't had as much time for nail polish as I have in the past, in part because of all the life drama crud that's been going on, and in part because the stress from said life drama has caused my skin to really get insane so I'm a lot slower at things and it takes me much longer to do my chores. In fact, I've had to start giving up a bit on having a perfect house, and just get done what I can. That is probably part of the reason that I haven't been changing my polish daily like I normally would, if I can barely get my chores done without falling over in exhaustion, adding a manicure in there just isn't gonna happen. But please don't think I'm whining (much haha), life could always be worse, and in general I know things will get better if I just keep plugging away.

So this week I set out to do some swatches, and because I've been rearranging things, I didn't have my normal spot to do my swatching, and had to change things up a little (but my OTT light is working! YAY!). Then after I finally managed to get the swatching in, photobucket decided to be a pain my my rear and wouldn't let me upload the pictures for a day and a half! I thought about not having swatches this week at all, because my skin flaring up so much makes my cuticles look pretty awful, no matter how many times I rub all sorts of creams and oils into them. In the end, I decided that if you don't like my raggedy cuticles, then just don't look at my swatches, and we'll all be happier. After all, the whole 4-5 of you who read me all the time probably don't care about it, the others who read me sometimes are probably only interested in the pictures, and the rest of the world doesn't care one way or the other. And that's okay with me, because I'm not looking to be the next hugely famous nail blog, there are already way better ones than mine out there.

Anyway, I'm starting to babble, so let's move on to the important stuff - THE POLISH! I had a few BYS shades that I haven't tried yet, so I thought I'd give those a quick test to see how they look, and share them with you. Let's see what we've got!

This first shade is Black Satin, which is, as you might guess, black. It's a two or three coater, like most black polishes seem to be, and it goes on pretty smoothly, although I was fairly sloppy. Oops.

You can see how shiny it is, and it's definitely a pure black, not greyed out.

This one might cause staining, so an extra base coat probably wouldn't hurt.

Next up we have Blue Night Star, a gorgeous blue shimmer.

I'd say three coats is okay, maybe a little on the thicker side. At four thin coats it's just about perfect for me.

It's pretty, it's got that nice shimmer, and the formula is nice. 

This next one is Fuchsia Flash, and it's also a shimmer, and a really pretty one.

Three coats, or maybe two thick ones would probably do for this one.

I quite like it, and the formula was, again, very nice.

This rather frosty green is called Envy Me, and the shade is downright gorgeous.

I'm not as into frosty colors, but it's so pretty I can overlook that pretty easily. Two thick, or three thin coats should cover well.

This picture shows the bit of brush strokes that show, but that might be better with a top coat. I don't use any when I swatch, so I don't know.

Next up is Tangello, a lovely orange jelly. 

This one will need three or four coats, maybe even five if you go very thin like I do. But it would make a GREAT sandwich, and I'm wondering if it would be fun to try a dark glitter in between for Halloween.

The formula was nice enough, and the color is pretty, so I can manage to deal with the VNL if needed.

The last swatched polish today is Matte Deep Blue, which is probably my favorite of the bunch.

Two or three coats and you can see the lovely blue which doesn't lean green or purple, just a nice brightish blue.This would also probably make an interesting sandwich, what with being matte.

This went on quite smoothly, and of course, dried quickly. As you can see, with four thin coats, it's depth is very nice.

Okay folks, that's all I've got for you today, and I hope you've enjoyed these pictures. This week I've got some layering, some konad, and my 4th of July manicure (yeah I know, way late!) coming up. And of course on Wednesday I'll have peeeeeeeeeeeeenk to share with you. 

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