Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dark does not mean dismal.

By now, everybody has probably figured out that I pretty much like all the colors. Today I'm going to share some of the lovely dark colors I've painted my nails with.

I love dark shimmers, and this green one really hits the spot.

So does this lovely blue one.

Vampy nails are great in sunlight.

Black holo is just so pretty.

Here's another dark blue shimmer.

This is an awesome steely blue.

Yay green!

Oh look, I found a purple one.

Black with a bit of silver.

Dark with a holo Konad design.

This isn't as dark as the others, but it's a great charcoal grey.

Another black with silver sparkle.

And a dark with orange. Yum.

This is hands down (haha) one of the best shimmery reds I've ever worn.

The difference between shiny top coats and matte ones shows up super well with this one.

Another orange.

The very best dark green I've ever had. My best friend got this for me, and I'll love her forever for that, as if everything else she does isn't enough.

Well, there you have them, a bunch of the great dark colors I've used. It goes without saying that I really like them, so why am I even typing still? I hope you're enjoying these too.


  1. Dark "IS" nice. Very nice,

  2. I do have a tendency to like darker colors more, and brighter as well. But I can get into lighter shades if they are nice and opaque, or if I have time to do extra coats.


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