Saturday, May 1, 2010

Light and Bright.

Sometimes I get on a kick for a certain type of polish, and will do several similar manicures in a row. Other times I'll just grab a polish at random and just go to town. I love it when I have somebody who is willing to suggest a certain color or design idea, and I can base my manicure off of that. Today I'm sharing lighter colors, which can be a problem for me, since they are often not as opaque as I'd like.

For the most part, I'm happy with any color as long as it covers up the visible nail line. Those few polishes that don't tend to get relegated to layering only. Light metallics always seem to cover well. And this first one is a holo polish Konad over a silver polish. I love the effect.

Golds and silvers are high on my list of loved colors.

Here's one of the few more neutral colors I like a lot.

When all else fails, white is classic.

It doesn't look as white, but it is. It's just a soft white, and picks up colors from the lighting.

A funky french can cover up that visible nail line.

A wonderful shiny silver.

Another white.

This one is a bit duo-chromey.

Yet more white. I think I've done a lot of whites. Hee.

A great stark white.

An awesome silver holo.

Oh look, some color!

Lavender is lovely.

Aqua is adorable.

Taupe is totally not me. That said, I can wear it.

You wouldn't think there could be different kinds of white, but there sure are. I mean, there's always a variety of blue shades or whatever, but white seems like it should just be, well, white. Anyway, from here on out I'll be featuring manis I've done in the current year instead of old ones. And I'm driving in two BIG transports tomorrow... er later today, so hopefully I'll have pictures of those dogs later. And I'm also looking at how to be able to reply directly to comments on the blog, which may mean installing more software. Watch me blow up Blogger! Muahaha!

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