Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Blues (on my nails)

Blue is one of my top three colors for my nails, so today I'm sharing some of my blue manicures with you.

This is a nice dusty blue that is almost neutral compared to some of the ones I wear.

I really love the unusual glitter in this one.

These deep shimmery blues are right up my alley, but sometimes appear black in lower light.

This metallic blue went on so very smoothly.

I wish Goldie named their polishes.

So this one is more teal than blue, but close enough.

I really like the lighter shades of blue on my tips.

Another really nice metallic blue.

This is a neon blue that I will never get tired of.

I think this is my absolute favorite blue - Color Club Blue Light.

This blue looks brighter in real life.

I hunted for this blue for a long time.

Here is a blue so dark it's almost black.

This is a great shimmery light blue.

For my final picture today, another deep shimmery blue.

And with that, I had better get to my chores. I just got my three new crates and my X-pen, so I've got to rearrange the living room (currently more like the billiards room) to make room, and eventually move the crate out of our bedroom as well. I'm going to try really hard to get things figured out so that we can put our wood flooring down in the living room within the next month, and move the tv from downstairs up here. Then the pool table can go downstairs, and we'll actually have a real living room that The Mate doesn't have to struggle to get to (stairs are rough).


  1. Awesome. Just found your blog.
    You should consider adding google friend connect so people can follow you.
    I'll follow you through bloglines. I don't want to miss anything.
    Love the BLUE and love KONADING.

  2. Thank you! Eventually I will probably work on adding more stuff, and using things like FriendConnect to get out there more. Mostly I kind of post just for myself, and to share my nails and critters with a few friends and family members.

  3. very pretty mom

  4. you do the best nails mom
    love,Tori Murphy


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