Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hmmm, red, orange, pink, and corals... nail polish pics!

I like all the colors when it comes to nail polish, but I find that I wear less of the 'typical' colors. So I'm combining these into one post, because I'd only have a couple pictures otherwise. But you probably don't want to read blathering on about whatever, so let's just get to the pictures.

Here is a light pink (I really don't like polishes like this, because of the sheerness) that I decorated with some stickers. Since I got the Konad, I don't use decals as much, but there are still times I do.
I love certain reds every so often, especially a nice bright creme. I like this one because it leans just a little bit orange, and I think that tends to look pretty decent with my skin tone.
Here's a soft bubble gum pink that doesn't show my nail lines through it, which is nice. I was experimenting with different nail art ideas, so each nail was different.
This is a great fuchsia that has an awesome shimmer to it. This is the kind of color I love to wear on my toes.
Here's another pink, slightly darker than the previous bubble gum pink. It doesn't make it to neon territory, but it is on the bright side without being gaudy.
This is a soft pink that I decorated with 3-D decals. It's from a Goldie 3-pack that I picked up, and I like the way it looks with the flowers.
This dark red is leaning very brown, and looks pretty good, I think. It was in the 3-pack with the pink above.
This is the 3rd of the 3-pack of no name Goldies, and has a shimmer that I really like.
So, another red, this one with decorations on it.
This coral looks pretty red to me, and has holo glitter in it. The glitter doesn't stand out a lot, but it's still pretty. I like Milani in general, though sometimes their polishes can be a bit sheer for me.
Maybe someday I'll catch up with myself, and really organize my Photobucket account, and share all my pictures, but it's doubtful. For now though, I'll share this way. a few at a time.

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