Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitty Railroad!

Well, not so much a railroad, but a transport anyway! This time was once again a transport for Grayson Humane, and I carried 4 kitties. Eight went to rescue, four in Ohio, and four to the Buffalo area. Today I'll be sharing pictures of the four that got to ride with me, and featuring some pictures of a few more.

Teaser pic - This is The Mister, the cat who pretty much started this rescue. He's an absolute sweetheart, and you may see me post more about him in the future, when I get the chance to go up and see him again.

First things first, if one of the cats I'm showing off here interests you, then you need to contact Joan. And if you're just looking for a cat in general, I highly recommend Grayson as they have always been super reliable at describing personality and such. They are willing to adopt out of state, and transport can often be arranged as well. And heck, if they don't have what you're looking for, there are SO many other rescues around to check out.

Next are the four cats that took their ride with me last Sunday. First, there's Roger. Roger is super friendly and a little bit vocal. 
He's quite personable, and let us trim his nails with no fuss at all.

Next up is Endive, who is a beautiful Manx girl.
She wasn't as outgoing as Roger, but that's mostly due to the stress of traveling. Not all cats take to that so well. She does like people, and will probably be a nice quiet kitty.

Now we meet Cosmic Cat, who is another lovely black kitty.
He too was a little withdrawn from the trip, but should settle in nicely. 

And the last kitty to hitchhike with me is Scotch. He is a big beautiful orange kitty who really likes getting his head scratched.
He is front declawed, so if somebody was looking for that, it would be handy. I personally think declawing is something that should only be done in extreme circumstances, and as a last resort. It basically amounts to mutilation for convenience, and that just doesn't sit right with me.

Now I'll introduce you to another cat that I transported, a while back, Stein. He's another gorgeous orange kitty, and has quite a nice personality. He's not really shy, he was just washing up.
He came with his buddy Franken, who has found a forever home. Here you can see his eyes... well, one of them anyway.

This is Maia. Maia doesn't see very well, but she is so gorgeous that I wouldn't be able to resist her if I were in a position to adopt more cats. Yeah, not happening, I'm full up, but she really is full of personality and good-looking, a killer combo in a cat.
I just love the splotch on her nose.

This here is English Bob. He's a bobtail kitty, and another one of those awesome black kitties. The poor guy is FIV+. It doesn't affect his personality though.
As you can see here, he has made himself quite at home.

Here we have Brinkmann, yet another orange kitty. He is a little bit shy until he has a chance to get to know a person.
He's a big solid kitty too.

Okay, let's meet Bliss, a cute little playful tabby and white girl.
She's quite the little spitfire.

How about meeting a couple of the other resident kitties while we're here? First up, Kitten.

And then there's Ming Sue, shown here relaxing in the sun.

So, this post shows you why I drove a few hours on Sunday, rather than staying home (and doing chores LOL). Yeah, I can always get loving from my cats, but some extra never hurts, right? I also had overnight 'guests' Saturday night, and drove a transport just a few hours ago, so those pictures will probably go up soon.

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  1. Lovely cats and thank you for taking the time to transport them.

    Debbie CNY


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