Saturday, April 17, 2010

Overnight guests

Last weekend I had the honor of hosting three lovely dogs on their way to rescue. They were a great crew that ignored the kitties and tolerated Krissie's annoying puppy habits. Today I'll share their pictures.

First up, this is Coffee.
She's the old one of the bunch at approximately 8. She was the most 'talkative', and was very into checking out the whole house. When Krissie jumped the gate and started pestering her, she wasn't mean, but she corrected that darn puppy nicely. She really wanted to get out and explore and do things, not just lay around all night. Definitely a sweetheart there.

The next eldest is Molly, about 6-7 years old.
 She is obviously the most 'motherly' of the dogs, watching everything going on and checking up on everybody regularly. She was also the quickest one to get right up on our bed and get pets from The Mate, then bound off to go check on everybody again. Somebody is going to get a very smart dog in that one. I don't think her stub of a tail stopped wagging the whole time she was here.

And the youngest, and most timid, is Whiskey.
While she was timid, it was more of an "I'm not used to this" thing than a "OMG I am afraid of everything" deal. After a few minutes to chill in the crate we had set up with a soft blankie, she was ready to come out and lay by my feet to get some petting.

Tomorrow I'm driving some little dogs to Buffalo, and Wednesday I drove a pregnant dog and a mama and pups, so look for more pictures soon.

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  1. Great info on the dogs being transported and fostered overnite Michy.

    Debbie CNY


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