Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little tiny puppies!

Sometimes it's not older dogs that need a ride, it's younger ones. In this case, I was transporting a Shepherd mama with her 7 6-day-old puppies, and a pregnant Lab. The thing that I like about transporting is that I get the chance to play with so many other dogs, because I can't adopt any more animals. It's not that mine aren't enough to play with, but who doesn't like some extra lovin' along the way? So let's meet Lucy and Bella.

Lucy is the sweet and gorgeous Lab mix dog that caught a ride with me. She did pull just a little bit on the leash, but was very well-behaved, and has a really deep bark.

Bella is a beautiful and gentle Shepherd who was traveling with her 7 pups. To make it easier on her, she made the trip with a childrens wading pool for her puppies to ride in.

I'm sure there will be more nail polish and dogs to see very soon.

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