Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More dogs headed to safety

This weekend was wonderful. I had two transports, and 20 animals are in a better place now, due to the overwhelming generosity of so many people. It's really uplifting to see all these people come together to help the animals.

Let's start with the dogs that did not ride in my car, and make a different post with the ones that did. I managed to get quite a few pictures this time around, but still not as many as I'd like, and only a few really good ones. There's just not much time for taking pictures when you are trying to get several dogs walked and watered and into another vehicle while keeping track of who is who and paperwork and who will call the coordinator and so on. It's even harder to keep track of names, but I can usually get at least a few right.

We often don't know the history of these dogs at all, and usually we don't get to find out what happens to them after they arrive at their destinations, unless we get lucky. It's not that people won't give this info, they are just busy. Or perhaps they don't have any background on the dogs. And the rescues they arrive at do let us know when they can, but again, they can't go trying to track down every person who drove a dog for an hour, especially if it's weeks later that they get adopted. But the times we do find out it's always heartwarming.

For example, this week we transported a lovely 11-year-old Basenji. He's already in his new home with an older lady, and they are a perfect match. Here are a couple of pictures of him:

Isn't he a sweet-looking guy? He certainly doesn't act "old". But chances were slim he would be adopted where he was.

Next up, a couple of pictures of Jessy Woo, a heartworm positive Beagle mix. She'll get treatment, and then find a lovely home with somebody. Many shelters can't treat for heartworm, so this was definitely a lifesaver for her.

I didn't get a picture of it, but she traveled with her "duck", a stuffed duck, and it was stated repeatedly that we were NOT TO FORGET her ducky.

This is Katie Lynn, who is going to need to put on a few pounds now that she is safe.

She's a mountain cur, and was pretty nervous, but seemed to warm up to people after a few seconds.

It's hard to see the really skinny, nervous ones like this and not want to take them home and spoil them rotten.

Lucy Lu was along for the ride. She's a tiny little thing, (well, maybe not as tiny as a toy dog, but only about 20 pounds at most) and I got to hug on her for a bit, and I could have been talked into adopting her pretty easily if I were looking to add another critter to the menagerie.

And similarly, Malcolm was also very adorable, and I'd love to play with him for hours on end. Unfortunately, I only got a picture of the top of his head!

Lilly, another Beagle mix, was a great hit with everybody as well. I can't get over how many sweet and lovely dogs wind up basically thrown away!

Next we have Bon Bon, a super cute guy who just wanted to play so much.

I just love his little face and could have kissed his wrinkled forehead a hundred times.

And the last dog along for the ride is Lady Laurel... except it isn't. Apparently, the dog that was expected isn't this one, and the 'real' Lady Laurel will make her trip up later on. However, that's good news, because now this dog has a better chance at finding a wonderful home.

Now, I'm going to write up a separate post for the four dogs that rode in my car.

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