Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My four passengers

These are the four dogs that hitched a ride in the Jeep with me on Saturday. Of course, that makes it easier to get more pictures, since I can snap some in the car on the way.

Let's start with the little one of the bunch, Whoopi. She is a beagle mix, and on the shy side. She rode in the back seat right behind me, and never made a peep the whole way.

I just love those hound dog ears on a dog for some reason. She had a nice soft pillow to relax on.

Next we have Milton, who is a Spaniel mix. We actually did get a bit of history on him, if you can call it that. He was dumped in the overnight box at the shelter, and the person didn't fill out the paper or anything, so nothing is really known about him.

He's about 20 pounds overweight (that's almost a nice change compared the the skinny ones), and was such a happy boy.

He got to ride in the way back, next to Cam (our next passenger).

Cam is an Australian Shepherd mix, and boy was he a hyper happy guy.

Such gorgeous eyes, and he's obviously smart. Too much energy for me to keep, but I'd looove to have a dog like him.

He seems to get bored pretty quickly, and here he is ripping up the crate foam for something to do on the trip.

The last dog who rode with me is the one who really really touched my heart this week (there always seems to be one). Bentley is a tripod (3-legged dog).

Yes, he just very recently lost his back leg, and he's dealing with it quite well. In fact, he took the time to smell the flowers.

Now, the only background I heard on him was that he was dumped with a steel trap still on his leg. That poor, poor dog, I just feel so bad for how he must have suffered. But he was still a very happy dog, and enjoyed all the attention he was getting.

While in the Jeep, he alternated between the bean bag in the back, and the cushion on the front seat, depending on where he felt like he wanted to be, I guess. Here he is looking out the window in back.

And when he got tired of watching the road and other cars, he came up front to nap.

Of all the dogs this time around, Bentley is the one that I really really wanted to bring home forever. I hope he finds a truly amazing home with somebody who appreciates how special he is. Of course, I hope that for all of them.