Monday, May 3, 2010

Big weekend for the animals

I had two transports this weekend, and took a LOT of pictures. Of course, many of them didn't turn out so well. As I may have said before, it's hard to take pictures, keep track, AND keep the dogs under control. Not that they are bad dogs, they just get excited or nervous and we have to be careful. These were pretty big runs - the first one was 15 critters, and the second was 18. Of course that means that there are always extra drivers on each leg, so that nobody gets overloaded. Generally I wind up with 4-5 dogs, although if they get along I can fit plenty more. Sometimes I only have 3 dogs too. It's all based on where they can ride with the most safety.

From what I understand, the law in PA states that all animals must be securely crated or tethered while driving, although I often do have a loose animal or two if they are more comfortable. That's a pretty sensible law though, because an animal who decides to jump in your lap while you're driving can be a danger without meaning to. I do tether all of my own dogs when I drive, because I don't want them jumping out when I open the door, although if I only take Jessie somewhere I don't really need to tether her for her to stay secure. I tend to stay on the safer side though, especially now that I've learned about this law. I do try to follow laws for the most part, even if I think they are a touch silly or whatnot. But anyway, let's get on to reading about the magnificent animals who hitchhiked with us this weekend!

My first transport had the following dogs on it:
  • Andy, male Lab/Aussie mix, 60 lbs - He wasn't feeling 100% on the trip, probably a bit stressful. He and Arlie were probably litter mates, or at least fairly bonded.
  • Arlie, female Lab/Aussie mix, 60 lbs - She was a sweetie. She stayed with Andy through the trip, though they weren't in my car.
  • Buddy, male black Lab, 65 lbs - A gorgeous guy who made me smile. I didn't get any pictures of him that I know of.
  • Chessie, female Lab mix, 60 lbs - A very pretty girl. I got what I think is a picture of her trying to reach through her crate to give me kisses.
  • Fred, male beagle, 25 lbs - A cute little guy. Unfortunately, I only got one picture of him (I think) greeting a couple other dogs. Pretty much any time I see a Beagle I think of Krissie now. 
  • Grey Goose, male Jack Russell Terrier/ Weimaraner mix, 29 lbs - A beautiful grey and white dog. Very active and quite friendly.
  • Oliver, male Great Dane/ Collie mix, 75 lbs - An awesome big dog that had a neat slender look to him. He and Sully seem to be grand buddies. He was a little shy, but oh so nice.
  • Puggles, male puggle, 15-20 lbs - An adorable little critter. Not quite as smushy face as a Pug, but you can see it. I think he'd be a great lap dog.
  • Richie, male Chocolate Lab, 70 lbs - A great big fluffy bear. I just wanted to hug him to bits, he was so soft and gorgeous. 
  • Sparky, male German Shepherd mix,  45 lbs - A friendly calm little boy. He got the honor of riding in the crate in the back of the Jeep. 
  • Sully, male Husky/ German Shepherd mix, 46 lbs - A playful adorable boy who has the sad eyes thing down pat. He and Oliver got the middle of the Jeep to hang out in. 
  • Tapa, female beagle/JRT mix, 20 lbs - A cute little thing. I'm pretty sure I got no pictures of her. As I've said, it's really hard to keep track sometimes!
  • Tess, female lab mix, 35 lbs - A darling girl, who I didn't get any pictures of. Somebody is going to get a real sweetheart in this one.
  • Tigger, male lab/plott hound mix, 35 lbs - The 4th dog in the Jeep with me, he just kicked back in the back end and slept the whole way. And what a character he was too!
Since there are so many pictures, I'll split these posts up to post more of them. Here are the 'group' pictures I got on this run.

I think this is Fred greeting Oliver and Sully.

Sully trying to get Oliver to play with him.

Tigger and Andy

I'm not sure which these two dogs are, so I won't name names.

I'm not too sure of the names on the following dogs either, but they were decent pictures, so here goes.

This might be Andy or Buddy.

I think this is Chessie, but I could be wrong. I probably am. Hah. Maybe it's Tess.

I have no idea on this one. Yikes. But adorable anyway.

I'm pretty sure this is Puggles.

And I'm fairly certain this is Richie.

Oh, and I do know this is Grey Goose.

Okay, I'll make another post for the dogs that were stuck with me.

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