Monday, May 3, 2010

My passengers for the first run

These are the sweethearts that got stuck riding in my car (okay, I'm not THAT bad, haha) from Ohio to PA. They were pretty much perfect travelers, which isn't unusual, the transports rarely include any dogs that could be considered 'bad'. And even if they could be called 'bad', it's usually just because they don't know better, or are scared, or bored. I think a lot of people don't realize that dogs WANT to behave, but they have to be taught first. Anyway, let's get on to the pictures.

Sparky was an absolute doll, and very easy to deal with. Somebody is going to have a great time with this dog. He's smart, and sweet, and fairly mellow.

Sparky got to kick back in the crate for this leg of the trip.

Sully has the pitiful doggy eyes thing down so very well. I love the wrinkly forehead.

He was easy on the leash, and behaved quite well.

Look, the puppy dog eyes again.

He and Oliver were great buds, and Oliver seemed to be happier when he was close to Sully.

He was so tall, and yet so very gentle. Just a beautiful dog.

I could totally go for a dog like him, you know, if I was looking for a dog. I think my hands are more than full right now though.

Tigger was pretty much the clown of the bunch that rode with me. Very very mellow in the car, but happy and cheerful with all the people. He's already got some pretty good manners too. Of course, he does beg a bit, but what dog doesn't?

Of course, he was perfectly willing to sit and wait to see if he could have any.

I'm not sure Tigger has had a lot of time to roll around in the grass, he sure did like it.

Especially since he was getting belly rubs too.

Just look at the expression on his face!

When it came time to leave, he just plopped down as if to say, "I wanna stay right here."

He was very mellow in the car, just laid down and slept the whole way. Now, the next post will deal with the second transport I did.