Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Let's start looking at newer nail pictures.

I've said a few times that I'd like to catch up so I'm showing off current manicures, so I'm going to start with this year's pictures until I catch up with myself. I'm only driving one transport this weekend, but I might be keeping a few dogs overnight on their trip, we'll see what happens. My Mother's Day will be wonderful, I'll relax most of the day, then take some Grayson kitties up to rescue. So, let's take a peek at my first several manicures of 2010.

I started off with a funky french in pink and blue. This pink is nicely pigmented, and flowed on very well. The blue is a one-coater, and works well with Konad.

I wish Icing would give their minis names like they used to. I suppose I could make up my own.

A great dark blue color that looked great with the chrome Konad design.

I like this purple a lot more than I thought I would.

This metallic green is drop dead gorgeous.

A banana yellow that went on really nicely. I picked this up at the dollar store.

New Orleans Saints manicure. I did this by hand, and I wish I could do better, but it was fun.

This color is fabulous, Lippmann polishes never fail to make me happy.

This metallic orange went on really well, though it was a three-coater.

As you may notice, I've gotten better at labeling my pictures with which polish I've used, so that if you really like a color, you know what it is. I really don't care if people take my pictures, so long as they aren't used for any kind of selling or profit. I can't imagine that anybody would anyway, but I thought I'd throw that out there.  Well, it's thundering, so I guess it's time to get off my computer and get the windows closed.

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  1. WOW some really gorgeous manicure. Thanks for showing us,


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