Saturday, May 15, 2010

March of the Manicures, or something.

I'm totally on a roll, so I'm going to catch up some more before I leave on my transport for the day. Hopefully I will have good pictures of dogs to share later tonight. Or maybe tomorrow, as I get busy when I get home, catching up with the chores I haven't done yet.

We'll start with one of my green Nubar polishes, Forest. It's a lovely deep green. I added the metallic polish and loved the way it turned out with the floral pattern.

I wish Claire's and Icing would name their minis. I did skittles with the light Claire's minis I picked up. They are nice and shimmer colors. I think they would layer nicely over dark colors.

Another Nubar that I finally picked up after a long time. I like it, but maybe not as much as SH Arabian Nights.

This blue from Milani is really lovely and bright. I could get pretty attached to these kinds of colors.

Adding some Konad stripes with a metallic polish looks great over a bright blue like that.

Basically, this is black, but with glitter. I like it, but it wouldn't be something I'd wear all the time. I'd think it would be great for layering though.

A lovely deep plum color from SH.

One of the new Rimmel colors, a nice shimmery blue. Then I did the fishnet Konad with the Insta-Dri white. I love the effect.

I like the fishnet thing so much, I did random ones on this grey.

This Sinful green is great with it's shimmer and shine. Adding a dark blue Konad pattern looked really neat to me.

Here's another SH green. They have been coming out with some good ones. I still wish I'd been able to get an Emerald Ring from their Salon line, but I guess that's life. It's not like I'm going to run out of polish anytime soon.

This purple is great, and I'm glad I picked it up.

I do get in the mood for vampy colors every so often, and this very much fits the bill. Plus, I love the name, as Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies.

Another one of those minty colors, Maybelline Minty (gee, creative naming there), that I picked up. I added the Nubar Conserve Konad pattern and I love the way it turned out.

As you may have noticed, I'm getting much better about putting the names of the polish on the pictures (I think I mentioned that before). I have a pretty large collection, and this helps me to keep track of what I've shown and haven't yet, as well as makes it easy to refer back and see what I've used. If I ever get caught up on everything else, I will have to see if I can go about showing a picture of my huge stash, even though it seems like every time I show that off in public it makes somebody mad. I don't get why people get so upset about it, it certainly isn't hurting anybody. I guess there are people who just aren't happy unless they are stirring up drama. Maybe since I only have about 3 readers here, nobody will be that way.

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