Saturday, May 15, 2010

Keep On March-ing.

Ahaha, I'm so punny. Okay, not really, but I'm over tired and I get a bit on the silly side then. So here is the rest of the March manicures. Then I'm going to go run the dogs for a bit and get moving so I'm on time for my transport. I mention that a lot, I guess because it's on my mind. I really do enjoy it a lot, and it's a really fulfilling thing when we do hear about an animal that we've helped finding itself in a great home. In fact, I just got some pictures recently of one of the cats we helped transport, and he is getting spoiled silly. I'm so happy he is living the high life now. Anyway, let's get to the polish.

I love a lot of brands, and picking a favorite would be extremely tough, but China Glaze would be right up there. I added the swirly Konad pattern, and I really loved the way this one turned out.

This time, I did opposites. One one hand, silver with blue Konad, and on the other, blue with silver Konad. The blue looks so much lighter over the silver that if I hadn't done it myself, I might not believe it is the same color.

A black. Well, a super dark color that might as well be black, I guess. The first coat shows it to be more like a really dark navy. Awesome for layering, and works great for Konad.

Lavender is another color that I've started to like more and more. This is a great one from Barielle, and I added fishnets to half to look like a trellis, and then flowers. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

OPI puts out some really gorgeous greens, and this is no exception. I think it looks lighter in this picture than it really is, the true color is closer to the inset picture. I did a bunch of Konad flowers in varous colors over it.

This blue is right at the top of my list of awesome blues. I like it with the silver Konad pattern. I did this one for my son's birthday. Yeah, like he cares what color my nails are, but he's sweet enough to tell me to use blue with silver.

I couldn't really capture the wonderful sparkled in this polish that well. This is about the best picture I got of it.  It's pretty much a deep purple with gold shimmer.

I was busy, so I just added some chunky gold glitter to the tips on this one. I like the effect.

This is a really awesome duochrome from Nubar. You can really see how catching the light makes it look like a different color. Although I still love glitter the most, duochromes are a very close second.

These teal colors lend themselves to really great Konad manicures in my opinion.

White makes for a really fun base to play with my Konad.

This green is really impressive looking, until you find out that it took SIX coats to get it looking like this. It would probably be best for layering.

Of course, six coats tends to get smudged up easily, so when it smudged, I did a really fast tiger manicure. I just used a random orange and then threw black stripes on it.

Another lovely lavender, this time with a bunch of Konad hearts all over it. This one was for my daughter's birthday, and her suggestion. She's good, I think it looks great.

And with that, we've covered the first three months of the year. I'm finally catching up with myself. Of course, I have previous pictures all over the place, so I guess I could post those if I get bored. Yeah, like I have time to be bored. Bwahahaha.

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  1. Wow manicures galore. :)
    If I had to pick my fav, it would be the Claire's Silver Manicure in the second photo.
    Great job,


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