Monday, May 3, 2010

Same Day, Different Drive.

My second transport was just an hour after the first. I don't think I could ever get it together enough to coordinate one of these, the amount of work that goes into it is incredible. I'm just glad there are people who can organize them, and that I can help in a small way. It feels pretty good to know that there are so many of us working to help as many animals as we can. But enough of my babbling, let's get to the critters.

Here are the dogs on this run, who went to places in Ohio, NY, and Canada. I drove from PA to Buffalo, NY.

  • Bandit; Rott mix; Black and tan; 40-45 lbs; <1 year; Male - An awesome dog that made me smile a lot. He rode with me.
  • Brandi; DSH; Torti; Adult; 2-3 years; Female - A kitty cat. No pictures. 
  • Chandler; Smooth Coat Collie mix; white with beige and a black spot; 8 mo; 35 pounds; Male - A really sweet and mellow boy who was just gorgeous. 
  • Cooper; Lab mix; Black; 2 years; 60ish lbs; Male - A big lug of a dog who rode with me. He is smart, and full of energy. 
  • Duncan;  Beagle; Tri; 20-25 lbs; 1 year; Male - A nice little guy. I think I got a picture of him. 
  • Harry; Rott mix; Black/Tan; 45ish lbs; <1 year; Male - Another awesome dog, with a great temperament. 
  • Kenneth; Beagle/ACD mix; Blue merle; 20ish lbs; 2 years; Male - I got a few pictures of him with the other dogs. I love his coloring.
  • Lennox; Boxer/ Mal Shep mix; Tan with black mask; 55-60 lbs; 1-2 years; Male - An impressive looking dog who is really a gentle giant. 
  • Luther; Lab mix; Black w/graying muzzle; 4-5 years; 45ish lbs; male - I didn't get any pictures of Luther, but there was some awesome news for him. On the trip, one of the transporters fell in love with him, and he's going to live with her! Yay!
  • Marcy; Shep mix; Tan; 2 years ; 35ish lbs; Female - I'm pretty sure I didn't get any pictures of this cute little girl. 
  • Pierce; English Coonhound mix; Red/ white; 2 years; 45-50 lbs; Male - A real lovebug with some gorgeous coloring. 
  • Scooter; JRT; Wht/tan; 18-20lbs; 2 years; Male - I didn't even see Scooter, so there aren't pictures of him. 
  • Shirley; Lab/FCR mix; Black; 2-4 ; 45ish lbs; Female - Another one I didn't really get to see or get pictures of. 
  • Spanky; beagle; tri; 25ish lbs; 5-7 years; male - And another that I didn't get pictures of. Apparently he managed to get loose and have an adventure on his trip. Luckily he was easily caught and back on the road quickly. 
  • Turner; Aussie mix; Chocolate/Tan (liver and tan, I think); 45 ish lbs; 1-2 years; Male - And yet another I didn't see or get pictures of. With this many animals, we don't have time to pause and pose. 
  • Vance; Lab/Shep mix; Tan; 3-4 Months; 20ish lbs; Male - One of the puppies, and ohboy were they cute. They're brothers.
  • Warren; Lab/Shep mix; Tan; 3-4 months; 20ish lbs; Male - The other puppy. They got to kick it in the crate with me. 
  • Zachary; Abbasinian Guinea pig; Brn/Wht; 1-2 years; Male - I didn't see this guy, he was done with his legs of the transport before they got to my area. 

Chandler voicing his opinions.

Chandler with his tongue sticking out.

Chandler giving me a smile for the camera.

Duncan. I think. A real sweetheart.

Harry was a total ham.

He is a very gorgeous dog.

Kenneth was a tiny little guy, and just cute as a button.

He has neat coloring.

Lennox looks like a big bruiser, but was a total doll.

Pierce would have loved to go for a nice long run.

And some group pics while we were waiting to get everybody organized. Like I said, the logistics of these big runs are amazing.

I bet people that don't know about transports wonder why all these people and dogs have converged on a place.

The dogs do get to interact when they get along (and they usually do), but we try to be careful just in case.

This was a very happy group of dogs.

These two have the neatest coloring. I just love the roaning in their fur.

Dogs want to sniff everything.

Just kicking back as we work on getting loaded.

The rest of the pictures are of my riders, and I'll put them in another post. These get long!

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