Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two transports to share.

First up, the pictures from the transport on May 15th. Quite a lovely group of dogs that day, and so entertaining. Then, a few pictures from the three I carried this past Saturday So, let's see who we have!

The transport on the 15th went pretty smoothly, as they usually do. Let's look at the dogs that didn't ride with me first. This is Cami.

And here is Nico.

Shammy was an awesome happy dog.

Rock seemed to be a cutie too.

The hit of the day seemed to be Lilybelle, and I must admit I would have loooooved to bring her home myself.

Those eyes! And the way she gallomped while I was running with her. Just so adorable.

I just really really love big BIG dogs.

I only got pictures of two of my passengers that day, and here they are. First, Syrus, who spent the ride behind my seat.

And Mackie, who was just too cute for words.

Bogie was my other passenger, and he was a sweetheart too, although he was so hyper that I couldn't get any pictures. He gave tons of kisses too.

The run last Saturday did not go quite so smoothly. Not because the dogs were scared, or anybody messed up, just general life happens kinda stuff. For example, now the US Customs folks are charging a truck fee for Canadian drivers taking rescued dogs over the border, and requiring that the drivers use the truck lanes. This puts them running several hours behind schedule, especially if they drive more than one transport. Added to money out of their pocket, and it gets frustrating. And since I don't have a passport, I can't drive them across the border. So, a flurry of phone calls back and forth, and we managed to get things settled and get the dogs on their way.

I was moving three dogs on this rainy Saturday, and transferring them to the Jeep in Erie got me soaking wet. I could have skipped my shower! The dogs didn't seem to mind much though. My riders were Lazlo, a lab mix (whom I didn't get any pictures of, as he was heartworm positive and needed to be kept calm); Shania, an aussie mix; and Rusty, a setter mix, who was on the timid side. So let's take a peek at their pictures.

Shania was just sweet as can be.

I tried to get pictures of her face, but she was so happy to get petted that she kept sticking her head behind the camera. Too cute.

Rusty was the flight risk on this trip, and the one to watch when moving outside of the vehicles. He was sure trying to slip his collar when I walked him. But in the car he was pretty relaxed and kicked back.

I sort of wanted to bring him home and feed the heck out of him, as I want so often with the dogs that are so skinny.

Of course I'll be on a transport this weekend as well, so maybe I'll manage to get pictures up sooner this time. I'd like to pick up a second transport, but I do need to watch the gas budget. Ugh, I wish it wasn't so expensive.