Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little Catch-Up

It's been a whole week since I posted anything at all. So I thought I'd throw some nail polish pictures up here while I upload the transport pictures I have. Between keeping the dogs apart to avoid damage (not going as well as expected), trying to do spring cleaning (also not going as well as expected), and my body and skin not cooperating... I'm just keeping my head above water. But, all in all, I'd still say my life is pretty good. And last night I did my toes in Cherry Pop, and my nails in Lemon Drops. So let's take a peek at the first half of April after the jump.

April Fool's Day isn't really a big holiday for me, so I just went with my favorite nail color, yellow. Then I added orange slices with the Konad. I really like the way it turned out.

Your basic dark gray with a light gray Konad pattern.

I saw Petites came out with new polishes, so of course I had to pick them up. The Black Diamond is a nice holo.

Dark blues always look nice with Konads in silver.

In fact, they look so good, sometimes I have to do them twice in a row.

This light blue holo is a favorite.

I love vampy colors.

This blue is fantastic!

This time I was playing with patterns and texture, though it's hard to see the difference in pictures between the shiny top coat and the matte. I also painted the underside of my nails just for kicks.

This is a fabulous champagne gold.

Throw some Konad over it in black, and you have a shiny animal print.

Here is a lovely green.

This dusty blue is quite pretty.

Adding a plain Konad french tip looks good in this case.

Well, I better get some chores done, then edit the transport pictures so I can share them soon. Happy Wednesday!