Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day weekend transporting!

Okay, here are the dogs that I got pictures of on the first transport, which I took part in on Saturday. What a fantastic crew of dogs yet again! I can't believe how man wonderful dogs need homes. Many of them have been mistreated and dumped. It just blows my mind. So, let's take a peek and the wonderful dogs who were saved by all the drivers who have come together to help them.

First up, the dogs that didn't ride with me. I was unable to get a good picture of Coco, a Cocker Spaniel. I'll say that was a cute dog though! So, we'll meet Percy, the Pomeranian.

Next up is Zello, a Pointer (probably pure German Shorthaired Pointer). Apparently, they should have named him Mellow Zellow.

And let's meet Haggard, who had those beautiful blue eyes that always make me all melty.

Flossie and Ponch were best buds, and rode together on the trip. First up, Flossie:

And then Ponch:

And here they are playing during their walk.

Next we will meet the hitchhikers in the Jeep with me! First up is Freckles, an absolutely adorable dog!

Freckles was best buds with Axle, so they rode together on most of the trip too.

Axle was a doll too.

Chance was an awesome Lab mix that kept trying to 'walk' me. Hee hee!

Dalita was the cute Beagle mix that kept to herself in the back of the Jeep.

And last, but certainly not least, Curly the Shih Tzu spent most of his ride nestled up to me. First, let's see what he looked like at the pound before he got trimmed up.

It's like a dustmop! But he looked better by the time I saw him.

And, of course, I always manage to get a few pictures of the dogs en route... in this case, everybody was pretty much asleep.

I hopped on two legs for this transport, because there were so many dogs, and it was a holiday weekend, and some drivers weren't available. It's too bad I don't have more money, because I'd probably drive more transports if gas didn't cost so much. But I'll keep doing as much as I can, and maybe someday it won't be needed.