Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random update time.

This is a random post, so it's just full of different things. There's a link to a give-away, assorted thoughts, and whatever else enters my head. So take a peek if you'd like.

First up, let's talk about the give-away. It's over on Susie's Home And Hobbies blog (she was one of the first people to follow me!), and she's giving away all these lovelies!

Click here to go enter!
I'm not entering, as I have those polishes, and I'd hate to be greedy, and love to see somebody else enjoy them. But I am starting to connect with other blogs here and there, and will be linking them as I get organized.

Today I got the Jeep inspected, and it passed, so I'm able to do transports still! This makes me very happy. Friday, we take the pickup in for inspection as well. I don't know why I'm so nervous that they won't pass, we do take pretty decent care of our vehicles. Maybe it's because I grew up not having to have cars inspected, so I'm just not used to it.

We got Jessie shaved for the summer, and she looks kinda cute with her big furry head and fluffy tail, and short coated body. I'll have to get some pictures of her. And Krissie is growing like a weed, and just as cute as ever. Missy has really come out of her shell, and is still as cuddly as ever. And Lassie is learning not to be so bossy about fetching.

I have to do some training with the dogs, and get the dishes going in the dishwasher, then I will get the dogs from last weekend posted. Such a lovely crew of dogs yet again. And I'm already on for at least one transport this weekend, so I'll have more pictures then as well.

I wasted some time the other day stamping my Konad patterns all on one sheet so I could take a picture. So I'll share that, and then go get to work.

I'm such a weirdo. I'll be back later with more pictures and such!