Sunday, June 6, 2010

More dogs got to better places this weekend.

And I was lucky enough to be one of MANY volunteers who helped them. Yesterday, I drove two transports, one with several dogs, and one that was for one little dog. It doesn't matter how many dogs there are, what's important is that each time a group of people gets together and drives, another dog (or twelve) makes it to safety. The coordinators of these trips are incredible people, and I can't believe how well they keep things going on these trips. I'm no dummy, and I can organize, but they do stuff I can only dream of! They give tons of hours up to organize things, have their phone on at all times to keep up, and manage to keep everybody updated on how the trip is going as well.

I know, it sounds like I'm sucking up, but really, I know I couldn't put forth as much effort as the coordinators do to get these dogs to safety. And then, we have the people at the originating shelter who work so hard to get the dogs ready for transport. And of course, I'd be insane not to mention the rescues at the end of the line, who take in these dogs and find them good homes to live in. Without them, well, a lot of great dogs would never find great homes. All in all, my little tiny part isn't so much. I mean, it's not like it's nothing, but in the grand scheme of things, it's a drop in the bucket. But it's MY drop, and I'm glad that I can at least do that much.

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm patting myself on the back, but it feels really good to do my little part in helping these dogs. It's not like it doesn't benefit me, I often get to play with new dogs, get tons of kisses, and since I like driving, it's a fun way to spend my weekends. I guess  you could say I'm hooked. So, let's take a peek at the dogs that made this trip.

My first trip was over into Ohio to pick up dogs and bring them to Erie. There were a total of 24 (yes, I meant twenty-four) dogs that went to rescue this trip. The coordinator drove most of the trip with two mama dogs and their new puppies, plus another. Of course, I don't have pictures of those dogs, I didn't get to meet her this time around. Maybe one of these times I will though. And I want to give her a big hug! In addition to those dogs, there were two vehicles on each leg. So let's meet the dogs who rode with me, and then I'll add another post of the other dogs I got pictures of. I had 4 dogs in the Jeep this time around.

First up, there was Brandy, a lovely Border Collie mix who really wanted her space, but was sweet as can be anyway.

As you can see, she was a happy dog, and kicked back happily on the back seat. At rest stops, she was rarin' to go, and ready to play.

The next dog was Bud, a big pug sweetheart that would make anybody love pugs. Seriously, I'm a big dog person, but this guy could change my mind. He's big for a pug, but still half the size of my dogs.

He was also very affectionate, and having a blast on the ride.

Apparently Bud didn't mind that I can't carry a tune in a bucket, although when I was whistling, he couldn't figure out what to make of that. Is this not the cutest face ever?

Now I will share with you one of the very rare pictures you'll see of my face. Bud kissed me about 8 million times on the trip. I left my teeth at home, so that's why I look so strange (well, other than the fact that I AM strange).

And of course, when we made the transfer, he was ready to go play as well.

And, the other two dogs I had were Timmy and Tommy, two totally terrific puppies. They sacked out in the crate for the trip.

Now is that not a sweet picture? If I were the type to run off with a dog, these would be the ones I'd want to run off with. Yeah, like I need two more puppies! Of course they were all ready to run around and be silly at transfer time.

They had a blast sniffing everything over, and barking at people. I think it would rock so much if somebody decided to adopt them together.

They really seem to love being together and doing everything the other does, which included getting their drink.

That doesn't mean they refused to be apart, just that they enjoy the company. I tend to think most dogs are happier with at least one other dog to be around.

Okay, time to run my own dogs out for a potty break, and then I'll come back and post the rest of the dogs that made this trip.