Saturday, June 5, 2010

More yellow swatches.

In this post, we'll look at some lighters yellows, and yellowy greens. Again, refer to the last post if you want to know my method of swatching and so on. And I'll stick with just listing the names and not boring you to tears with inane commentary.

Claire's no name

 Icing no name

Kleancolor Neon Lemon

Icing Banana Split

SH Salon Yellow Kitty

RBL Square Pants

Icing Hello Yellow

Petites Solar Yellow

And that one over black.

Next we'll peek at the yellowy greens.
Icing no name

FingerPaints Lucky In Love Lime

LA Girls Flare Spotlight


And over black.

And finally, Kleancolor Green Glitter.

Plus, over black.

And, that's enough for tonight, it's time to get in bed, since I have two transports tomorrow. Or rather, later today.