Friday, June 11, 2010

Orange rhymes with... well, nothing.

Orange you glad I'm sharing these? *cackles* Sorry, I think I'm getting a little too wired up. Let's take a look at the oranges I got swatched.

First up is Sally Hansen in Wavelength.

And that looks nice over black.

This is Color Club Abracadabra.

I love the way it looks over black.

This is an unnamed brand that of course has no name. Go figure.

The next four are from Icing, and of course, not named.

And this is a Sally Hansen mini with no name.

Next, a couple of Icing polishes, but these have names. This is Peel Me An Orange.

And this is Can't We Elope.

Here we have WNW Sunny Side Up.

This is Nicole Dream Catcher.

Next up, Pure Ice Naughty Girl.

This is an Essence mini called Get The Fever.

And the last polish is Color Club's Orange Revenge, which is one of the best oranges ever.

And that folks, is my last post of swatches for the time being. Maybe at some point later in the month I'll have time to do another big swatch fest, we'll just have to see. I'm going to be busy, what with my kids coming to stay and all.