Monday, June 28, 2010

Overnight: Delilah

Next we will meet Delilah, a very sweet girl who also stayed with us. She is a sweet bully mix who is going to make a great companion. She wasn't too big on the idea of dogs getting right in her face (but then, who is?), but was an angel with the puppies.

I love dogs like this. Although we don't get a lot of time to get to know them in one night, you can get a fair idea of what they will probably be like. This gal will need a touch of training, she does pull a little on the leash, but otherwise was very well-behaved.

I can't imagine giving up a lovely dog like this for anything. But then, I'm pretty committed to all my pets, they are more than "just a pet" to me.

She has the loveliest smile, just super friendly all the way. I'm fairly sure that she will be easy to train as well, she just wants to make everybody happy.

As you can see, my daughter enjoyed her thoroughly. And Delilah wasn't upset at all the attention either. She was being 'sneaky' and crept right up on the chair for some snuggles.

She was very mellow, and will probably do quite well with kids of all ages. She loves her chest rubbed.

And here she is just before the morning hand-off, smiling and perky and cute.

She got to meet the other dogs, and I did get this picture of her with Simon while they were checking out the yard.

I was so tempted to paint her adorable little puppy nails for her, but I figured that might not be the best idea. Not everybody is as goofy as I am, and people already think I'm wacky. Well, to be fair, I am, but still, I don't need to make it any more obvious. Anyway, I better get the dishwasher unloaded, and run my own dogs out for a potty break. They can't really stay outside in the muggy weather, but they still gotta get out. See you later with more dog pictures!