Monday, July 12, 2010

Huge transport!

Saturday was a big transport and 23 dogs made it to better places. One transport wasn't filling up, so it got combined with the one already going, and there were a BUNCH of dedicated people driving them. Most of these dogs would have been euthanized if it weren't for the dedications of the transport coordinator, who is a lovely person. Add all the great volunteers who drive week after week, and there are a lot of dogs getting to better lives. It was also a close call for one dog, who delivered 6 puppies today! (Sorry, I don't have puppy pictures to share.) Because there are so many pictures, I'll split this into a few posts so that it's easier to view.

Okay, let's start with Luann, a lovely black lab girl. I only got one picture of her, but at least I got that. It's hard with most transports to get a lot of pictures (unless we're running early and have some time to hang out, which happened on yesterday's transport), but one this big gets even more complicated. Anyway, this is Luann. Would you look at that gorgeous smile?

The fluffy dog of this run was Asher, an American Eskimo. What a little cutie he is!

I just love that curled over tail, and he has the sweetest eyes.

Next up, the very pregnant Olive Oyl, whom I mentioned at the beginning. For being so hugely pregnant, she was in good spirits for the ride. I can imagine that with six youngsters tumbling around in my bellyl, I'd be a lot crabbier.

She was a smiling dog every time I saw her.

She had a lot of energy as well. She was climbing all over the place.

Somebody is going to have a real sweetheart of a dog with this girl.

This is Bluebelle, who has definitely had it rough. She's heartworm positive, so treatment will take place in rescue, and she'll likely be as good as ever then.

On top of that, she had to have hernia surgery, so you might think she'd be cranky and sore, but not at all that I saw. Not that most of the dogs are ever bad, but under the stress of traveling, sometimes you get one or two that are a bit snippy or scared. This group just happened to be completely loving and sweet, which just makes it more fun.

Frankiebear, another black lab, was also a doll on this trip.

As you can see, we water the dogs during breaks, because it's tough enough to travel in the heat, but without water would be awful. Of course, we can't really give them water while driving, so every hour or so we stop and give them a chance to drank and potty. That's one reason the legs tend to be fairly short, plus if they aren't too long, then we can all afford the gas.

Cam was quite the little ham in front of the camera, although he was on the nervous side too.

He was super easy to walk, which is always nice. They generally are pretty darn good, especially when you think about how much stress the trips must cause for them.

I'm not sure my own dogs would handle these trips as well.

Every beagle we transport always makes me think of Krissie. We're so lucky we got her.

Here's Baby, yet another lovely beagle.

She was more shy than some of the others, but just as sweet.

She was aptly named, because I would probably have called her Baby too.

This is Daniel, the awesome pug mix.

He was a sweet little guy.

I don't know how people can resist all these beautiful dogs.

This totally cute little guy is Nugget, who was stealing everybody's hearts on the road.

He's got a heart murmur, and is smaller than most of my cats.

Okay, that's enough pictures in one post. Plus I need to switch laundry around.