Monday, July 12, 2010

More of the big transport.

This post will be the rest of the dogs that weren't riding in the Jeep with us. Then later, I'll post my own passengers as well. Mostly because I have a lot more work to get done today, so that we can have fun tomorrow, or the next nice day.

This is Scotch, who only has partial sight.

Just an adorable little dog, and this comes from somebody who prefers the bigger dogs.

He just wanted to go play and have fun.

Graham, a bassett/lab mix was an awesome looking boy.

Just look at those short legs and stocky body!

I can't help but smile looking at his pictures, he just has one of those faces.

Somebody is going to be a super happy proud owner of a really great dog.

Rachel is another adorable little dog.

She was obviously ready to help with everything.

She's just a perky happy little sweetie.

Skip, a lovely shepherd/lab mix made the trip as well.

I don't think his tail stopped wagging the whole time.

He's a strong one, but didn't yank anybody around or anything.

Here he is getting loved on at the transfer point.

Next we will meet Pipsqueak.

What an adorable little dog!

He just wanted to go go go.

And the last dog of this post is Rocko, who is blind, and was pretty scared.

Transports are hard enough on the dogs, I can imagine that not being able to see would just make it that much tougher.

To keep him from getting stressed out, he got to stay in his crate for the trip.

Okay, I'm going to get some work done, then I'll be back on my next break to show off my riders.