Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 3rd Transport

So I'm really running late on this one, but it's just been so busy around here. This includes a lovely trip to the dog park at 4am the other night, because it's been too hot in the day to take our dogs to run! Hey, we were all wide awake, the dogs were in play mode, and it's not like I needed to be awake early for anything. Anyway, last week's transport was for 10 dogs, and I got pictures of 9 of them. And I might even remember the names well enough to get them right! So let's take a peek at who hitched rides over the holiday weekend.

First, the dog I didn't catch on camera, I believe was Cam. He was a sweetie, an adorable Beagle. He didn't ride with me, so I missed out on getting his picture. It happens. I try to get them all, and to remember the names, but sometimes it just doesn't work.

The other Beagle dog was Alvin, and I think this is him right here.

Here is the dog I believe is Angel, as I said, the names are hard for me to match up on this one. It was just so hot and I was so not organized.

This one was easier to remember, it's BB, a really adorable little dog!

And, I'm fairly sure this is Jordan, who was just so pretty.

I could be wrong here, but if I'm not, then this is Rachel. Definitely wanted plenty of attention.

I'm reasonably certain this is Marlow.

And, I'm guessing this is Samuel.

Now this one I do remember, it's Jitterbug. She was pretty awesome.

And there's no way I'd forget Sally, because she rode on my daughter's lap, and made us both cry when we had to give her up. Here she is in the car.

Is she not adorable? I can't believe somebody would want to dump this beauty.

She was very not into being crated, and actually broke off a tooth or two trying to break out!

She's a senior dog, and wasn't able to even get over the curb at the transfer point, and it just killed us to give her up, we wanted to bring her home and love on her forever. But she went to a wonderful place, and will live out her years happy and loved.

Okay, I'm going to see if I can get my transport from today... well technically yesterday now... uploaded, and posted so folks can see them too.