Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jeep passengers!

I'm back! Got caught up in housework and playing with kids and dogs, so I didn't get these dogs posted yesterday. So let's see who rode with me last Saturday.

There was a Manchester Terrier, Cal, and his friend Jetta2, the MinPin. (There were two Jettas on this transport.) Here's Cal.

He was a sweetie, and rode tethered in the back with Jetta2, and they pretty much napped on the road.

Jetta2 was a little more excited to be in the road than Cal.

What a little character this dog is!

She was calm and cute, a great combo in a dog. Okay, she was bouncy, but who wouldn't be?

Anyway, a real doll, and will make somebody a lovely companion.

Jetta1 rode with Sydney in the back crate in the Jeep. Here's Jetta1.

Sorry for the blurry, I am not so great at pictures while driving.

These two fell asleep almost instantly on the road, and didn't make a peep.

And here is Sydney.

These girls were easy going and sweet, and some person will be so very lucky to get them.

Okay, enough in this post, I'll put the rest in their own.