Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The last of Saturday's riders.

Now we'll meet the last three dogs I have pictures of from the transport. This transport had a couple of legs going the opposite direction, so two of them were with the dogs in the other post, and one was with me on the way to pick up. So let's see them.

Bailey, a Beagle/Rottie mix, is an adorable little girl.

She got to ride alone in the front crate in the Jeep.

The leg after the one I drove was into NY, and she got put in a bigger crate with Sydney and Jetta1... and they loved it.

It's such a pleasure to drive so many wonderful dogs.

Bailey looks more nervous than she really was. On the road she was happy and quiet.

My son had the honor of holding Joci, a Chocolate Lab puppy.

She was just super adorable, and oh so cute.

I really can't understand how all these wonderful dogs just get dumped.

Now, the passenger going the other way was Sarah, an Anatolian Shepherd. I totally fell in love with her while she was in the car, and would not have hesitated to being her home in a New York minute.

You can see how huge she is, and she still has about 20 pounds to gain to be at her best weight.

She really wanted to crawl up and ride in our laps, which wasn't exactly feasible for a 93 pound dog.

Fortunately, she was calm and easy-going, which made her easy to handle.

She was also very sweet with all the other dogs, which is pretty awesome too.

I very nearly cried when I gave her to the next driver. Why do I get so attached so quickly?

Now here are several pictures of the dogs meeting and so on during the transfer. I'll hush up and just let the pictures do the walking.

The next post will be Sunday's transport, which was three dogs that stole our hearts.