Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Overnight: Puppy wrestling!

These are the last pictures from our overnight last week. Our poor dogs were feeling quite left out, so I'm going to have to change things up if we are to overnight any more dogs. Maybe if we do not so many, and either can let our dogs 'visit', or if we can figure out some other way to entertain our dogs at the same time so they aren't lonely, it will be okay. So, let's enjoy the rest of the pictures.

The grass in our front yard is getting long, and the puppies took advantage of it to play like crazy.

There was plenty of nomming and bitey face.

It was a little like a tag team match gone wild.

Sometimes it turned into a free for all.

And they each took turns getting ganged up on.

Apparently feet taste good.

Really good.

Really really good.

I should have had the video camera out for this.

Puppy piles are super cute.

There was also plenty of chase play.

Gotta take a break though.


Now to see if I can get my newer transport pictures up!