Monday, August 23, 2010

I Just Can't Shut Up Today.

It's been one of those bleah days here, with the rain making us both very sore, and me not sleeping last night making me move slower than usual. But, I did have a couple pleasant things happen. First of all, we got our Jeep back! Of course, I'm not sure I'll trust it right away, I'm half expecting it to blow up again or something. Haha.

And, I got TWO packages in the mail! My Viva La Diva sampler came, and the polishes I bought from Polish Insomniac got here too! You just KNOW I'm going to be playing with those tonight. Hee hee. While we're on the topic of polish... here are some more giveaways.

I'm only entering a couple of these, as I either have the polish, or am just feeling meh, and don't want to take up entries.

Polish & Konad is having a Lippmann giveaway, the winner will get THREE polishes of their choice from Lippmann! What a nice prize that is. Enter here.

Karla Sugar is having a Sleek iDivine palette giveaway, so if that's your kinda thing, go check it out. There will be five winners. Enter here.

JennWeb702 is having a mini OPI giveaway. There will be TWO winners, one will receive the OPI set of Irre-Swiss-ables minis, and the other will get Couture Color by Opi for Ulta. Enter here. Hurry, it ends tonight!

Nailin' It has a guess the polish giveaway over on her blog. It ends this Wednesday, so go guess! Enter here.

Beauty Ponder has a goodiebag giveaway with all sorts of cool stuff in it. It ends this Thursday. Enter here

For Your Nails Only has a little giveaway as well. It ends August 27th. Enter here

Katrina's Nail Blog has over 400 followers, so she has a giveaway with some lovely polishes! Enter here

Crystaliciousss has a Rituals giveaway on her blog. Enter here

Right On The Nail has a one year anniversary giveaway going on. Enter here

I'm not trying to be all curt or anything, I'm just not feeling as chatty as I thought I was. Go figure. But I really want to share these, in case you've missed out. 

Elle Hearts Blogs has a hyooooge giveaway on her blog. It's ending the 25th, so go enter quickly. Enter here.

Manda Bear is giving away two SH polishes, and it ends tomorrow, so you'd better hurry. Enter here

Jeweled Tip has a 50 Follower Giveaway going on and it's ending on the 25th. Enter here

Sharana's Corner is giving away OPI Color So Hot It Berns, which ends on the 25th too. Enter here

And last, but not least, Parokeets has a Facebook giveaway you can get in on. Enter here

I would really like to get enough followers to make it worthwhile to have giveaways as well. I'd probably think of doing one at 20, and one at 50 followers... if I ever get there. I guess I need to figure out how to make my blog super interesting... which is probably not going to happen. But you know what? I don't care that much. Even if I never get a lot of followers, I enjoy this, and I know a few people do too. I think I'm going to go take a little drive and get myself an Icee or something and see if that cheers me up. Hey, I'll see how the Jeep runs! I'm not really down, just tired and sore. 

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