Monday, August 16, 2010

My Last Transport (for a while).

I guess it's time to share with you the few pictures I got on my most recent transport, wherein I blew up the Jeep. Oops. It was August 8th, I was transporting for Grayson again, got stuck in traffic at the toll booth, and overheated the Jeep. The pressure blew a hole in my radiator, taking a small piece of the fan shroud with it. Fortunately, The Mate insists on having AAA, and we are Premium members, so not only was I able to call for a tow, but they will tow up to 200 miles, so they sent a flatbed out, we loaded up the Jeep, and I got a ride home that way. The sad part is that I was only a half mile from my meeting point, so close, and yet so far.

The Jeep is in the shop now, and we are waiting to hear what it will cost us to fix. Not only do we most likely need a new radiator, but we need to find out why it was overheating in the first place. Hopefully this won't cost us too much, because we do live on a budget. Granted, it's a fairly generous one, but a couple hundred dollars isn't just sitting around waiting for us to spend it. On the plus side, I think I may be able to do some smaller transports with the pickup, so I can start helping again this weekend. If I could find a topper for it, I could use the pickup most of the time.

Anyway, I was carrying 4 kitties, and two dogs on this transport. The four kitties were real sweethearts, but I didn't get a chance to take pictures of them, because of the breakdown. And, I only got one picture of the tiny puppy, who was only three weeks old. What an adorable little thing though! Check out this pic!

Is that not one of the cutest puppies ever? I got to do a bottle feeding on the road too. How lucky am I? Now the Chihuahua that was riding with me was awesome too, and apparently loved cuddling. I managed to get a few pictures while driving, so let's take a peek.

This little cutie was not yappy or obnoxious, and obviously pretty smart. I shared a tiny piece of my personal pan pizza, and was impressed with the ever-so-delicate nibble to get the food.

I know I pretty much always claim to only like big dogs, but I could have brought this one home in a heartbeat for some serious spoiling.

Apparently my lap was extremely comfortable.

Somebody is going to wind up with an absolutely sweet little dog, who likes to cuddle, and is still playful too.

I swear, every dog and cat I've met from Grayson has just been awesome. I really think those few volunteers pour their hearts and souls into these animals, and it shows. I wish I could take in some of their cats, because they are so very close to being forced to euthanize, and they try so hard not to do that. But I'm pretty much at capacity (maybe a little over haha) with the cats we've already got. And four dogs is the limit here in the city. So unless I win the lottery and can buy a farm, all I can do is cross post and drive to help them. Anyway, tell me if this is not one of the cutest tiny faces ever?

Well, I had better go see if they've looked at the Jeep yet, take in my time sheet, and run my errands so I can get home and do more work here. I guess it never ends.