Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some Giveaways, Updates and Ideas.

I've found some great giveaways, so I'll be sharing them in this post! I've also changed my layout, so feel free to comment on it, and tell me if you think I can do something in a better way. I'm still learning my way around this stuff. And, I've decided I'm going to start a Blog-a-Day bit, featuring blogs I follow. Not just nail polish, but other blogs I really like. As I add them to my blogroll, I'll mention them in a daily post, and that way, hopefully I can direct people to other blogs that are enjoyable.

In other news, we found out what the Jeep is going to cost. The total is $387! Ouch. That's gonna put a pinch on  us for a little bit. We'll manage, just like we always do. I sure won't be making my Lippmann splurge that I was hoping for, and I won't be able to replace my MP3 player for a while (mine was stolen, the jerks). But, we should be able to pay the bills, and eat relatively well, so I'm not truly complaining. I'm really pretty blessed when it comes to our finances if you think about it. Things could always be worse.

Now, let's take a peek at the giveaways!

Alice In Polishland is having a Back-to-School Mini Giveaway. The prize is Color Club Colors for a Cure, OPI Irre-Swiss-ables Mini Collection, OPI Hong Kong Tiny Takouts, all adorable mini sets. Here's a picture.

Enter here.

At My Fingers is having a Teeny Tiny Giveaway. The prize will be 3 Essence stampy plates. And go look at her blog!
Enter here.

Biba's Beauty Corner is having a 200 Followers Giveaway. The prize is Essence nail polish Undead? (Eclipse LE), Essence nail polish On Holiday (Sun Club/Sun Delicious TE), OPI Manicure/Pedicure Cappucino Massage Lotion, Essence nail polish So Wanted, and Essence nail polish Back To Paradise (Return To Paradise TE). What a generous giveaway!
Enter here.

Manicure Time is having her First Giveaway. The prize is Catrice-Be My Millionaire, It Blue My Mind!, Sold Out Forever (Chanel Jade Dupe!!!!!!!!!!!), Wine-tastic, Big Spender Wanted!, Poison Me, Poison You!, Essence-Spot On, and Catrice- Clay-ton, My Hero. And you'll want to check her blog as well.

Mon Coin a Moua is having a Euro-mazing Giveaway. There are THREE prizes for three lucky winners. Check out this pic!

Naild N Polish'd has a Giveaway too. The prize is 1 Diamond Cosmetics Fall 2010 collection: Classic Pink, Private School Girl, Sunset in Sedona, It's Nothing to Wine About, & Under the Willow Tree, Lavender RX, 2-in-1 BaseTopcoat, Deborah Lippmann~Bad Romance, and 3 sets of Kiss/Broadway Nails. Isn't that amazing?

There you go, six lovely giveaways! Good luck!

In home news, I did manage to get the rest of the carpet ripped out of the hall, and pulled up the little doorway strip thingies. They are the cheapest junky looking things anyway... the guy who owned this place did NOT spend any money fixing it up. It's got a great foundation, and we're slowly working on all those cosmetic things that we feel should be nice-looking. I'm very hopeful that we'll really be putting down the new flooring in the living room within a week, barring illness or cruddy weather. I'm really tempted once we recover from fixing the Jeep to hire a professional organizer to come in and help us figure out better storage, and how to organize better. I'm not bad at it, but it's so overwhelming when there are so many things we want to do. I guess we'll have to see how things play out. 

Well, speaking of organized, My cell phone alarm is chirping at me to tell me that I should have gone to bed a while ago. I'll probably post at some point about my trouble sleeping and so on, and maybe I can bore everybody to sleep. If I could bore myself to sleep that would be even better. I guess tonight I can stare at my yucky french mani that I had to Konad over just to be able to tolerate it for a day. It's too late to start fresh though, and I'll probably ruin it tomorrow working around the house anyway. Haha. Maybe I should have taken a shorter bath, but soaking just feels so good. Anyway, good night!