Sunday, August 15, 2010

The next transport.

My second transport on July 31st was dogs AND cats. Let's meet them.
I was lucky enough to be "car 3" which was the one carrying kittens! Lexi and Gena were headed to rescue, and rode together in their crate. I only got two pictures of Lexi, and one of Gena, mostly because we don't get to take the kitties out and play with them like we do the dogs.

Next we'll meet the dogs that hitched with me. Here are Sean and Riley, hangin' out in the Jeep.

And this is Bruce, who napped in the crate all the way up.

Now I'll just throw the pictures in and let you enjoy them. I think I have everybody labeled correctly, but it's confusing when there are so many. And of course, many of the pictures aren't the best quality, due to lack of time. Heh.

And the last picture is of Roxie, who is now in her forever home, and they LOVE her. How awesome is that?

Well, that covers the two transports on July 31st.