Monday, August 23, 2010

Some More Giveaways, and Some Random Thoughts.

I've been a busy bee today, and am finally winding down for bed, but I checked my Google Reader, and these giveaways were posted... so I thought I'd post about them really fast. I've been slowly working on getting things into shape around here, and that includes outside. So, when I moved the truck out of the driveway to clean it (the Jeep is STILL in the shop!), I thought I'd get before and after pictures.

Now, I'd already picked up the worst of it before I took my before picture, but this shows what the driveway was looking like. The garbage cans were all over, a few boxes needed to be broken down, etc. Oh, and I don't think you can see it, but there is a LOT of sand and dirt over by the chairs and such, and I HATE it. We had sand bags from last winter that we'd kept in the back of the truck, and they fell apart, leaving sand all over the place. I suppose the stains kinda suck too (that's what we get for doing our own oil changes and being bad at not spilling), but I'm not quite as worried about those.

It's not like it was terrible, but it did look pretty messy. And don't you love how we don't have a screen door? That's going to change as soon as we can swing it. So, after a few hours of getting rid of all the trash, cleaning out the crates and garbage cans, and hosing down the table and chairs... plus trying to get rid of some of the weeds, this is the result.

All that's left is to put away the stuff on the table (actually, I'm done with that now), and the leashes that are drying on top of the garbage cans (they are hanging back up on the hooks inside), and of course pick up the hose (that got done right after this picture), and it looks much better. I also need to get weed killer for the cracks, so that we can get those cleaned up. Of course, if we can work on getting the driveway repaved, then it won't matter so much. Anyway, it may be minor, but I feel good that I got this all done.

Okay, the giveaways... these are great!
All Things Nails is having a Welcome Giveaway, her first!
So far, that's what she has... and apparently she will be adding more! Enter Here.

Dainty Darling Digits is having a Sula Giveaway, and there will be TWO winners! Here are the prizes.
These look awesome! What great pictures, and a lovely giveaway. Enter Here.

The Lacquer Files is having a Chanel Blue Satin Giveaway! If you don't have this polish, and you like blues, you will want to enter this! I have it, so I'm not going to take up an entry, but wanted to share it for those who didn't get it!
How can you NOT want this lovely polish? Enter Here.

Konad & Polish has a lovely Lippmann Giveaway. Lippmann will send three polishes to the winner (winner's choice!). Enter here.

You'll also want to keep an eye out for At My Fingertips' and Never Enough Nails' announcements, as their giveaways ended yesterday. Also, you can check on the giveaways up there in the Giveaways tab if you think you might have missed any. I'm also slowly building up my Blogroll page as I go along.

One last thing... when did my hair start getting so grey? Check this out...
I was taking a picture to show my friend how the little spiral thingy worked in my hair... and wow... I'm wondering if I should just give in and dye it so I don't look too much older than I already do! I must say though, I love the reddish brown color of my not-grey hair. If only I could have a thick, full head of hair. Ahh well, such is life.

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