Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Ole Transport Part 2

Ready for the next round? Cuz I am. I do know the names of these, or at least I think I do. Hee. Let's meet them.

Sasha is a gorgeous big girl.

Wilbur. Not a very good pictures, but hey, the camera is really not doing it's job. Oh well.

Boone is a chunky Newfie mix, and while I don't advocate letting your dog get fat, it's almost better than the ungodly skinny dogs we get sometimes.

Martin is a Chocolate Lab. I'll admit that I have a soft spot for Labs.

Julio is an adorable little terrier mix.

Mercy is a Great Pyrenees mix. There are plenty of those around to adopt if you like huge fluffy dogs.

And the 3 Beagle girls that I couldn't tell apart: Audrey, Betsy, and Clara (ABC LOL!).

Wouldn't it be neat if the three girls got adopted together?

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