Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

Hey, late but not too late! I've been a busy bee today, and I am really sore, so I'll try to be brief, then I'm going to climb in the tub for a good soak and get to bed. Today's Blog of the Day is another nail polish blog that I have been enjoying recently. I bring to you, Colors and Paws!

She's got nice nails, good pictures, and is interesting, so hopefully you will enjoy her as I have been. I did manage to select a few great posts to focus on today, but it wasn't any easier than it usually is.

Strawberry Summer - Yay, nail art! I love seeing nail art, it inspires me and impresses me.

Raven - Black is a great color on nails.

Turquoise & Caicos - I love this polish so much.

I hope you enjoy her blog. I see I've picked up a couple new followers as well *waves*, so I'll try to get my swatches posted tomorrow. As we start getting more into working on the house, I might have less time, but I'll at least try to keep up with the blog of the day posts as well as I can. And hopefully be able to share pictures of things as we get them done.

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