Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

I won't be late this time... but it is later than I'd like it to be. So I'll hurry up and do this, and then maybe I can edit some pictures and show those off too. Today's Blog of the Day is approximately 327% cooler than mine. It is... Scandalously Polished! Anybody who loves yellow polish as much as I do has to be awesome.

She takes awesome pictures, has lots of nice polishes for me to drool over, and is in general a nice person. (Not the kind of nice that is all 'oh yeah whatever it's nice' because you can't think of a better word, but the kind of nice that makes you smile because you're glad to see her, or in my case, read her words.) It was hard to pick favorites, as it always is with such great blogs, but I found a few that I will share.

Nanner Puddin'

Quirius Swatches


So, if you want lots more great pictures of nail polish, and a dose of humour with them, go check her out.

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