Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

Yay, time for another Blog of the Day! I'll be posting later about Grayson as well, so please stop back in and read that. Things are urgent there, still/again/now, choose one. And, I should have some swatches for you later too, once I get some more work done around here. Anyway, here's the blog! You might just like it. I Like Sparkly Objects!

She is pretty random, and pretty interesting. Her family blog is linked too, and I've started following that as well. I like the way she writes. Like I say every day (wouldn't you miss it if I didn't?), it was hard to pick just a few feature posts to point out. But I still did it (which I also say every day, how redundant am I?).

Shadows - Some pretty deep introspection here.

See My PRETTY!!! - Gorgeous ring that she made (and of which I am slightly envious).

Why I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom - There's religion here, but not in-your-face, just some excellent points and thoughts.

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