Monday, September 20, 2010

Nicole Target Exclusives Swatches

Well, it's about time I get these posted, right? I have picked up the Target Exclusive Nicole polishes, and swatched them to share with you. So, I'll just jump right into it.

Hmmm, what order to put them in. How about alphabetical? Yeah, I like that. We'll start with Call Me Classy. It's a pinkish red shimmer, and I like it, like I like most of these kinds of polishes, every so often that's just what I want to wear.

Fell From The Tree is a lovely shimmery green, which covers well in two coats, and definitely puts me in mind of Christmas. Three coats gives more depth, if that's important to you.

Glitz and Glisten is a great sparkly light purple glitter that reminds of of the Nubar Sparkle collection of polish. It does need the 4th coat for true opaque coverage, but it dried quickly, and the payoff is worth it (to me).

Grant My Wish is totally not my kind of color. But if you want a neutral/work-safe polish, this one will fit.

Midnight Snowfall is a pretty blue that leans a bit purple. Three thin or two thick coats will cover pretty well.

Pitch Black Glimmer is black and multi-colored glitter in a sheer base. It looks fantastic over black. And, I'd consider it on it's own with 4-5 coats, because it is THAT pretty. I'm going to have to try it over some other colors.

Scandals Secrets & Sparkles is a silvery white polish with dark and light glitter in it. I think it's pretty interesting, and I don't think I have anything else quite like it.

Sensational Scarlet is an amazing scarlet polish with multi-colored glitter in a red base. I love this one, and I can see using it for a holiday pedi.

Such A Go-Glitter is a blue glitter in a sheer base polish. It's nice, but I'd probably only use it for layering. I bet it would work great in a gradient kinda thing.

The Grape Debate is a gorgeous deep plummy purple. Two coats. Yum.

Tip Of The Iceberg is a silver glitter in a sheer base. Great for layering, and pretty with enough coats for full coverage.

Twist Of Fate is gold glitter in a sheer base. I would consider it a layering polish, or using it for nail art. Other may like it alone. Who am I to judge? Tee hee.

Sorry that last one was blurry. So, any of these trip your trigger, float your boat, trim your tree? You may have noticed that I didn't do any of these over black, like I usually do. If that's important to you, I'll be glad to add that in, so holler. I'm thinking I'd like to do more layering in general, using red, blue, white, etc under these glittery polishes.

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